I am Rivka Zohar

I was born in Haifa and I have lived in Jerusalem for many years.

I studied art at the Betzalel Academy, in the “free art” department, when the

spirit of abstract art, minimalism, conceptualism, and earth art were strongly

present at the Academy and in Israel’s art scene.

For a long period of time I used printing techniques, including etching, silk

printing, and more...

In addition, I dedicated much of my time to education: art education, science education and sustainability.

These past few years I have returned to realistic painting. I sketch with charcoal and draw with colorful pastels on paper, and also paint on canvas using oil colors and acrylics.

I find that the details in nature, still life and figures - unmediatly brings

expression and the inspiration for  paintings.

From my point of view , the environment we live in is the ultimate truth.

The art I create on canvas or paper attempts to convey to the viewer authentic

reality as my subjective eye sees it, encompassing the extreme contrasts of color

or softness, shade and light.

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